Rebirth, Renaissance … is a collection that deems itself personal but acutely universal.

Rebirth is personal because it draws its inspiration thoroughly from the life of Kifa, the creative director. Yet, it remains universal since the need for new directions and this feeling of Rebirth is common to all humankind.

Artistically, the decorative patterns of the Félix Houphouët Boigny Foundation in Yamoussoukro (Côte d’Ivoire) widely influence the designs of this collection fabrics.

Indeed, the patterns are replicated with the technique of batik on fabric. A lack of direction reflecting inconsistency drove the whole process during the creation of the collection.
Rebirth, Renaissance is peculiar for the diversity of pieces, models, and colors, i.e., salmon, green, orange… gleaming and flattering tones for all skin types.

The diversity of pieces and models found in the Rebirth collection reflects an inspiration taken as it is: a lack of direction to reflect the inconsistency found at some point in our lives.

You will see through some pieces many threads in knots and others without, as an expression of attachment and detachment. Indeed, some situations require us to continue to persevere and hold on, while others just let go and move on without holding a grudge and forgiving.

The movement of some pieces represents freedom, joy, ease. Pieces with structural shapes symbolize taking charge of life, awareness.

Finally, the rounded shapes and balloon sleeves are other symbols of rebirth. The rebirth of a young woman living like a little girl, embracing her innocence, disconnected from all kinds of negativity. A young woman who has decided to be born and live again … freely.