Oré Ofé – Lookbook Spring Summer 2017

Oré Ofé, a collection full of grace

For her first collection, Kifayath takes us into a world full of elegance and graceOré Ofé, the name chosen for the collection, means "grace" in Yoruba. It translates both the mark that the designer wanted to leave on the brand, but also a realisation that everything is grace for those who have faith in God.

Oré Ofé, is a range in several pieces, feminine and chic, of a batik fabric made in Abidjan. It was also in Abidjan that the entire collection was produced. The batik fabric, predominantly blue and white, has largely oriented the creative process by responding to a desire to celebrate the African continent and its creative richness.

The cuts of the clothes, well-structured and inspired by architecture and origami, give a feminine and graceful silhouette. Inspiration has also been borrowed from Chanel with pretty touches of fantasy here and there.