About us

Kifayath is a high-end brand dedicated to the modern woman who cares about her appearance and pays special attention to the quality and origin of her clothes. More than just a ready-to-wear line, Kifayath upholds the values ​​and ambitions of its creative designer, who has always been passionate about the world of fashion.

Elegant, graceful and chic, the Kifayath woman is distinguished by her classic but polished appearance. The shapes and cuts are designed to flatter all bodies.

A responsible approach, unlimited creativity

Kifayath strives to showcase African talents.

From the making of the fabrics to the creation of the items, all or part of the garments' manufacturing process is entrusted to teams whose talent cannot be denied.

In its approach, Kifayath is not limited to one category of textiles; sometimes it will be indigo, sometimes wool or an original fabric bought from a market in an African capital.

Meet the creative designer Kifa Aoudou

Kifa, Kifayath founder, is what you could call a multicultural woman.

From her childhood in Lomé, she drew a strong attachment to African values ​​and cultures. Paris, where she moved to as a teenager, helped strengthen the love for fashion she has held since childhood. But it was in London, where she settled into her young adult life, that her passion truly materialised. 

After few years investing in a position of make-up artist, Kifa joined a London fashion school. The LCCA (London College of Contemporary Art) gave her a very strong foundation in design, clothing cuts and fashion techniques and processes. With her diploma in hand, it did not take Kifa long before she considered launching her own brand rather than being employee. She had already begun to think about it while she was still at her school desk: finding a name, creating a logo and so on, the process started in a progressive but assured way.